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Related Services

Related Services

The ESC of the Western Reserve is committed to providing the highest quality Related Services to our districts. Direct services or consultations for any of our Related Services can be tailored to fit your needs. View our Related Services flier here

Occupational Therapy Services
Provides a full range of OT/OTA services that focus on development of fine motor, prewriting, visual motor perception, sensory processing, behavioral regulation and self help skills to enhance student’s ability to fully access and be successful in the learning environment. OTs provide evaluations, therapy and consult services.

School Speech/ Language Pathology Services
Provide full range of speech/ language therapy services, including testing, therapy, and consolation for speech, language and
communication disorders.

School Based Physical Therapy Services
Provides a full range of physical therapy services including evaluations, direct treatment and consultative services. PT services are designed with an emphasis on assisting students to safely access their educational environment and participate in activities with their peers. PT services may also include evaluation and set-up of adaptive equipment as well as staff training.

School Psychological Services
Provides a full range of school psychological services, including testing, counseling and consultation to students teachers, administrator direct support and interventions to students, families and other school professionals.

Nursing services
Provide vision and hearing screenings as well as immunization record reviews on a temporary basis or ongoing throughout the school year.

Teaching Visually Impaired & Orientation and Mobility Services
The role of a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) is to provide direct and/or consultative special education services that are specific to vision loss. The TVI consults with the student’s educational team to help assist in enhancing the student’s learning. By working together we can create a classroom environment that encourages academic success, & independence, that prepares the student to become a productive member of society.

The role of an Orientation and Mobility Specialist is to focus on instructing students who are visually impaired
to travel safely and effectively throughout their environment to reach their highest level of independence. The O&M Specialist provides support to students, teachers and families.

      TVI Services             
  • Assistive Technology: We train our students to operate various assistive devices to enhance their independence. Device Examples: Magnifiers, Braille embossers, Audio books, Enlarged text, Talking calculators, & Computers with braille.
  • Independent Living Skills: Independent living skills are directly taught to our students, we enable them to achieve lifelong goals.
  • Sensory Efficiency Skills: Sensory Efficiency skills are implemented to integrate the use of all of the student’s remaining senses to offset the influence of their impairment.
  • Career Education: Career education skills are provided to our students to help prepare them for employment.
  • Recreation & Leisure Skills: Recreation & leisure skills are identified and taught to our students.
     Orientation and Mobility Services
  •  Orientation and Mobility: Orientation and mobility skills are used to assist students with methods to navigate throughout their environment independently

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OT & PT Supervisor

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Deb Burke
Chief Operating Officer