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Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

We focus on the development of programs and hire key personnel to provide services that positively impact and improve instruction and student achievement. As a busy school district, you are engaged in many things! This is exactly why you need a partner to help lessen the frustrations of getting the job done while helping to minimize your risk.

Here is a sampling of the services our Human Resources Team can offer to assist you:

Recruitment & Staffing Services
  • No seniority conflicts with your staff
  • Management of short term funded staff, e.g. grants
  • Flexible staff contract options to support your budget
  • No competitive bidding process for our services as we are a High Performing ESC
  •  Able to tailor salary, schedule and assign a supervisor to meet your needs

Human Resources Staff Mentoring
  • HR Administrators
  • HR Support Staff

Development & Maintenance of Job Descriptions
  • Ensure compliance with Federal and State Regulations

Workers Compensation/ Safety
  • Audits & Grants
  • Loss Time/ Accommodation Reviews

  • Paperwork Processing
  • Interactive Engagement Process

Labor Management & Compliance Audits
  • Conducting or assisting with hearings and investigations
  • I-9 Supports

Payroll Supports
  • Garnishment/ Levy Supports

Consulting of Office Operations & Processes

Contact Information

Deb Burke is pictured.
Debra Burke
Chief Operating Officer