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Lake Business Advisory Council

Lake County Business Advisory Council

The Lake County Business Advisory Council (BAC) fosters collaboration among schools, businesses and the communities in Lake County.  This work ensures that educational initiatives align with the needs of businesses. 
This collaboratioin makes educational partners: 
  • more aware of the local labor market; 
  • promotes work-based experiences within businesses; 
  • and, helps students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities. 

Businesses in Lake County wishing to become a member of the BAC are encouraged to reach out to the ESC of the Western Reserve.

Together we can make a direct impact on the career development of all youth.

It is the policy of the Lake County Educational Service Center that all Lake County Educational Service Center-sponsored public meetings and events are accessible to people with disabilities.  If you need assistance in participating in this meeting due to a disability as defined under the ADA, pease call the Lake County Educational Service Center's Superintendent at 440-350-2563.  

BAC Members - Education

Jennifer Felker, 
ESC of the Western Reserve
Nancy Santilli, 
Assistant Superintendent
ESC of the Western Reserve

Geoffrey Kent, 
Board President
ESC of the Western Reserve
Jaina Gandolfi, 
Vocational Director
ESC of the Western Reserve

Kelly Moran
Director of Instructional Programs
ESC of the Western Reserve
[email protected]

Andrew Kelner
Director of Business Partnership
Auburn Career Center
[email protected] 

Domenic Paolo, 
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village Schools

David Enzerra, 
Executive in Residence
Lakeland Community College
Angela Smith, 
Madison Local Schools

Josh Englehart, 
Painesville City Local Schools

BAC Members - Business

Patrick Mohorcic, 
John Gallagher
Component Repair Technologies

Maureen Burkhart
Avery Dennison
Thaddeus (Ted) Cudak
Ray Paganini
Cornerstone IT
Jacqueline Hoynes
Lake Health

Cathy Bieterman
City of Painesville
John Stoneback
JM Performance

Chris Ciolli
Eric Wachob
MJM Industries
Teresa Simons
Alliance for Working Together
[email protected]
Margo Reda
Ohio Means Jobs
[email protected]

Lake County BAC Meeting

Tue Jun 13 2023