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Transition Services

Transition Services

A variety of Transition Services are available and can be individualized to meet the needs of the student and district.  Current options available include:
  • Work Study Course
  • Transition Student Consult-1:1 student support to reach post-secondary goals to include; job search, interview preparation, & employment placement
  • Career Assessment
  • Student Internships & Job Shadows 
  • District consultation in special education and transition 
  • Professional Development; IEP compliance, Transition 101, Backwards Planning 

For more information about these services, please see the TTW Coordinator Services Brochure and the Services Outline.  To inquire further about any of these services, please contact Jaina Gandolfi (Vocational Director) and/or Mandi Baggett (Transition to Work Coordinator). 

Transition Consult I

TC I services are provided to students for the purpose of providing 1:1 individualized supports to help the student reach his/her current and/or post-secondary transition goals.  Examples of tasks completed may include:
  • Career interest and preference inventories
  • Resume/portfolio building
  • Job search skills instruction/assistance
  • Completing job applications
  • Aiding in employer follow-up
  • Making referrals to adult-service agencies
  • Career exploration

Transition Consult II

TC II services are provided to district staff for the purpose of transition support.  Services are individualized to meet the needs of the district.  Examples of support offered include (but are not limited to):
  • Reviewing IEPs for the purpose of compliance
  • Providing training about topics such as writing a transition plan, backwards planning, job coaching, data collection, etc. 
  • Development of course maps
  • Administerting student transition activities
  • Development of curriculum, transition activities, etc.
  • Building an AATA collection
  • Administerting AATAs
  • Assisting with making connections to adult service agencies 

Career Assessment

The purpose of a Career Assessment is to provide information about a student's skills, abilities, and aptitudes as it relates to employment.  This service is available to students of all abilities.  Multiple packages are available and are individualized to meet the needs and goals of the student and district.  Review these documents for more information:    

Work Study

Students in the Work Study course receive school credit (up to 3 credits per school year) by participating in paid commmunity employment.  Participants are required to meet basic guidelines in order to receive credit including working a minimum of 5 hours per week, attending check-ins throughout the month with the TTW Coordinator, and submitting paystubs in order to verify employment.  See Work Study Guidelines for further information.

Contact Information

Amanda Baggett
Amanda Baggett
Career Assessment/ Transition to Work Coordinator
Jaina Gandolfi
Jaina Gandolfi
Director, Vocational Programs