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{Registration Closed} Students at the Center 2.0 The next look at Global & Personalized Learning For Educators & Administrators
Please save the date for this opportunity to learn about how inquiry Iignites Personalized Learning and International Baccalaureate along with Innovative Programs. 

Vision/Description- Participants will learn how inquiry ignites Personalized Learning and International Baccalaureate along with Innovative Programs. All participants will learn about the Honeycomb Model and how to develop a Constellation of their own for beginning Personalized Learning in their school and/or district.  Discussions in small groups will focus on the what and how of Personalized Learning while the keynotes will focus on the why of Personalized Learning. The International Baccalaureate Model focuses on student inquiry, what students are becoming through an understanding of the learner profile, and transdisciplinary curriculum that  fosters student-centered instruction and student achievement. Participants will have the opportunity to create an actionable plan for incorporating elements of Personalized Learning and IB in their classrooms and schools. A captivating discussion on why Personalized Learning is not a Technology Issue will help participants to move beyond the computer screen and into the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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