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Perry Preschoolers Experience Hands-on Math & Science
Perry Preschoolers Experience Hands-on Math & ScienceLocal farmers, Billy and Allyson Potocar generously donated 35 chicken and duck eggs. They provided the classroom with an incubator, candling box, water, food, and feeders. Mrs. Robinson and her students studied the hatching process by watching You Tube videos of live hatchings. The preschoolers also read age-appropriate books and identified the importance of caring for the eggs. Mrs. Robinson also incorporated math by having the students make a chart counting the days down until the chicks would hatch. Mrs. Robinson and her students rotated the eggs in the incubator 3 times a day and checked the humidity daily within the incubator. Once the student’s chart reached day 7, they were able to start candling the eggs which allowed the students to observe the heart beat and veins. The excitement grew within the classroom as the chart got closer to day 21, the day the eggs would hatch! The students were able to hold the chicks at 3 days old. Mrs. Robinson expressed how wonderful this experience has been for her students and how thankful she is to the Potocar’s for donating the eggs and all the equipment needed for the hatching process. Now that the eggs have hatched, the little chicks are back at the Potocar’s Farm.