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ILN? CBE? What Are They and How Do They Connect?
ILN? CBE? What Are They and How Do They Connect?

"The Innovation Lab Network (ILN) is a group of states taking action to identify, test, and implement student-centered approaches to learning that will transform our public education system." Ohio is one of those states and we are pleased to note that the following districts are also a part of this exciting project: Fairport Harbor, Chardon, Wickliffe, Kirtland, iSTEM Geauga, and Perry Schools.

Through this consortium of various districts and educational service centers, a new vision in how Ohio students are instructed and assessed will be implemented, tested, and replicated across the state. Because of Ohio's involvement in this project, all Ohio schools may take advantage of the Stanford Bank of Performance Based Assessments.

Our local districts as well as other districts across the ILN will pilot innovations that are addressing six critical attributes:

1. Fostering world-class knowledge, skills

2. Student agency

3. Personalized learning

4. Performance-based learning

5. Anytime/anywhere opportunities

6. Providing comprehensive systems of learner support

A quick review of these illuminates the exciting innovations our local districts have put in place with personalized learning, 1:1 technology, performance based assessments, project-based learning and International Baccalaureate.

A few districts additionally applied for a Competency Based Education grant supported by the Ohio Department of Education. Those districts received a grant to pilot the CBE and a kick-off event was recently held in Plain City, Ohio for the joint projects of both ILN and CBE. Helping our students be college and career ready is a mainstay of our work. At the federal level, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) "provides support to ILN states as they work with their legislatures to implement policy changes at the state level that will encourage providing every student with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to graduate college and career ready." Our local districts are participating in these projects so that they are able to shape policy changes as well as give their own students opportunities to develop the six critical attributes. We will keep you updated on their successes and challenges as the work continues.