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Did you know that the Lake County Educational Service Center offers an online schooling option...K'nextions Learning Academy?

Is the K'nextions Online Learning Option Right for Your Child? 

Students who do not fit in traditional school system, or those who need to make up credits along with parents who are unhappy or feel that their child's individual learning needs are not being met in the traditional school system, may consider online school.  With the option for online learning, parents can spend quality time with their children and help them with their studies and various other learning opportunities.  Most students have many other interests other than academics.  Online learning at home may be the best way to pursue your child's dreams, with regard to the time and freedom it offers.

Students can attend music lessons, dance class, baseball practice, or participate in other activities, without any constraints.  Similarly, some students plan to graduate early and online learning makes this possible.  Students enrolled in online schools can learn at a convenient pace.  With less peer distraction, students can concentrate on their weaker subjects if need be.  Also, online schools open a  unique opportunity to slow down or complete a class at the student's own pace.  Writing notes and understanding difficult lessons becomes less challenging as online learning gives the student a chance to pause, rewind and learn without missing any needed information.

Some of the K'nextions online learning program benefits include:

  • Rolling admissions
  • Anytime 24/7 learning
  • Continued enrollment in your home school
  • Flexible solutions
  • Academic rigor
  • Tailored learning to meet individual student needs
  • Blend family life and education on your own terms
  • Face-to-face tutoring
  • Diploma granted from your home school district
  • Participate in all school activities

For more information about the K-nextions Learning Academy, please call 440.350.2563 ext.710.