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The Lake Academy Alternative School

The Lake Academy was initiated (1997) and is supported by the Lake County Educational Service Center. Currently, The Lake Academy services “at-risk” students (grades seven through twelve) from eight school districts in Lake County and students from Geauga County’s Chardon School District. The Lake Academy’s mission is: To provide students with positive academic and social life-skills. Various program components are in place to assist in achieving this objective.

The Lake Academy is an alternative education program offering a unique approach to formal education for students who are experiencing serious challenges in meeting expectations within traditional school settings. Many of the students attending The Lake Academy are considered “reluctant learners” and may be struggling with a variety of individual problems, such as: substance abuse /chemical dependency, anger issues, mental health issues, truancy, delinquency, difficulties with attention/organization, and academic deficiencies.

The learning process at The Lake Academy begins with the development of a formalized personal education plan (PEP) that includes academic and behavioral goals. Academic goals are reached through the completion of academic projects that are aligned with the academic content standards in the state of Ohio (i.e., Project-Based learning). Each project can be tailored to meet student needs or interests and is evaluated individually. Behavioral goals are monitored on a regular basis and successful emotional growth is promoted through individual, classroom-based, and/or school-wide interventions that are aligned with the following values:

  • Be Respectful and Kind
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Honest and Trustworthy
  • Learning is Essential
  • Live in the Present
  • Safety - Safe and Drug-Free School

At the heart of The Lake Academy’s educational philosophy is the importance of home, school, and community partnerships. Parents/guardians are viewed as crucial members of the educational team and their active participation in meetings and during intervention planning is sought on a consistent basis. Collaboration with community members and organizations provides The Lake Academy students with educational opportunities above and beyond those opportunities that can be provided within the classroom setting alone.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Lake Academy Contact Information
Contact Info-No Bio
503 Vegas Dr.
Eastlake, OH 44095
Front Office
Lake County Educational Service Center

8221 Auburn Road, Concord Township, Ohio 44077
Phone: 440.350.2563
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