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HQT 45 Hour Class

Highly Qualified Teacher Information

According to the ODE, ALL teachers of one or more of the CORE academic subjects as identified in ORC must meet the HQT definition. 

HQT Forms

School districts will use the HQT form(s) to verify and report a teacher’s Highly Qualified Teacher status based on the state criteria. Teachers should complete the appropriate forms and supply supporting documentation to their principals or building administrators.

This section provides highly qualified teacher forms for school and teacher use:

§  Form A: Grades K-6 General Education

§  Form A-Extended Options: Grades K-6 General Education

§  Form B: Grades 7-12 General Education

§  Form B-Extended Options: Grades 7-12 General Education

§  Form C: Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Foreign Language General Education

§  Form C-Extended Options: Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Foreign Language General Education

§  Form D: Grades K-6 Special Education and Gifted Education/Intervention Specialist Teachers

§  Form E: Grades 7-12 Special Education and Gifted Education/Intervention Specialist Teachers

§  Ohio Highly Qualified Teacher Expanded Rubric

The forms outline how teachers can meet highly qualified requirements for specific teaching positions. To be HQT a teacher must meet all three of the following requirements:

§ Section 1: Hold at least a bachelor’s degree;

§ Section 2: Hold a valid, Ohio license appropriate to the teaching assignment(s); and

§ Section 3: Hold evidence of content knowledge in the core academic subject(s) of the teaching assignment(s).

If any one of the three requirements is missing, a teacher is not HQT.

Please refer to the HQT tool-kit on ODE for All Forms: http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Teaching/Educator-Equity/Highly-Qualified-Teacher-HQT-Toolkit/2017-18-HQT-toolkit.pdf.aspx

Special Notes

As of 2016-2017:  ODE states that by the beginning of this year, Intervention Specialists (IS) of Grade 7-12 are to show evidence of relevant content knowledge by having completed one of the options of : Ohio Assessment for Educators Exam or previously passed licensing exam, 30 College semester hours completed, master’s degree in core subject area, or 90 clock hours of PD post-initial license. To meet this last PD requirement, teachers must:

§ Complete 45 clock hours of PD related to content they teach.

§ Can count up to 45 clock hours of pedagogy (universal or content specific). Either described as universal pedagogy or related to subject area instructed.

Senate Bill 216: In August 2018, Senate Bill 216 replaced HQT. HQT starting November 1, 2018 will be replaced by “Properly Certified and Licensed Teacher.” The specifics for this replacement have not been identified as of the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  IMPORTANT: However, the HQT coursework is still acceptable for the 2018-2019 school year. The acceptability for the HQT coursework is a local/district decision.  Prior to registering for the HQT 45 Hour Class, check with your District’s decision.

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